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Every artist needs a great bio and an informative website. All
artists need visibility which leads to more CD sales, gigs,
concerts and general success. Every CD needs well written
liner notes. There is no point in putting out exciting recordings
that few get to hear.

I have written over 750 liner notes and hundreds of press
biographies. For liner notes or a new bio, I interview you over
the phone, have the writing to you within a week, and make
any updates that you would like. I also write press releases.

In addition to writing CD reviews for magazines, I also write
reviews specifically for artist's websites that they can use in
their press kits.?
I have also compiled several lists that are
invaluable for performers. Please send an E-mail to

Scott Yanow
if you are interested in the prices of
the lists. Lists are generally provided on the same
day that an order is placed.

Jazz Festival List
The Jazz Festival List has information on 241 US
and International jazz festivals. In most cases it
includes the mailing address, phone number, web
site, E-mail, contact name, dates of either the 2010
or 2011 festival, and a mention of the type of music
that is emphasized. The list is specifically geared
for  musicians.

Jazz Writers List
There are 2  Jazz Writers Lists available for
purchase.  Each one includes the names, addresses
and E-mails of top writers who regularly review jazz
CDs.  There are 35 writers in the smaller list while
the larger list contains 75 writers. These lists will
increase the number of potential reviews along with
your visibility in the jazz world.

American Jazz Radio List
The Radio List, which gives information on
115 American stations that play jazz, includes their
address, E-mail, website, contact, phone number
and a mention of how much jazz the station
normally plays per week.

Jazz Club List
The Jazz Club List has information on over 350
American jazz clubs covering each of the 50 states.
It has their mailing address, phone number, website
and usually their E-mail and contact information.
Musicians  who wish to purchase a smaller Jazz Club
List covering a specific geographical area can
acquire one that lists around 75 venues.

Singers List
If you are a songwriter, the Singers List has contact
information on 65 jazz singers who have expressed
strong interest in trying out and performing new
material. The list has their names, E-mail address
and website.
Lists!  Lists!  And More Lists!
The best publicists in jazz have killer mailing lists,
communicate well to writers (being familiar with their musical
tastes) and know how often to call.

Below are some of my favorite publicists, listed in
are not associated exclusively with one particular label.
Whether these publicists are right for a particular artist is up
to the performer.  I cannot vouch for their prices or current
workload, but I do know that I enjoy hearing from them.
Email them and find out if they are for you. Tell them that
Scott Yanow sent you although I can't guarantee any

Ann Braithwaite of Braithwaite & Katz  - ann@bkmusicpr.com

Jim Eigo - jazzpromo@earthlink.net

Mitchell Feldman -   

Sheryl Feuerstein SFPR/EastWest Media -

Kari Gaffney - kari@karigaffney.com

Cary Goldberg - gomediapr@earthlink.net

Susan Gordon - sgordon823@gmail.com

Lori Hehr - LHPR@runbox.com

Laura Henrich - Wednights@aol.com

Terri Hinte - hudba@sbcglobal.net

Al Julian - julian@sunline.net

Don Lucoff - Don@jazzpublicity.com

Lisa Reedy - lisa@jazzpromotion.com

Ginny Shea - mixedmediapromo@cox.net