Veteran tenor-saxophonist Dan Moretti recently released Tres Muse, a stirring set of trio performances that make up his hardest-swinging set
yet. Teamed with electric bassist Marty Ballou and drummer Marty Richards Moretti excels in a pianoless instrumental setting reminiscent of
Sonny Rollins’ A Night At The Village Vanguard, but with his own musical personality and approach.

Dan Moretti, who is featured on Tres Muse exclusively on tenor, has long had a diverse and versatile career. A master of all of the reed
instruments, Moretti has performed along the way with such notables as Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Mike Stern, Dave Samuels, Dave
Liebman, Marvin Stamm, the Crusaders, Nils Rogers and Chic. While Moretti has named Rollins, John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, Earl Bostic,
Stanley Turrentine, Lenny Pickett, Michael Brecker and Jerry Bergonzi among his influences, he developed an original and personal sound early
in his career. In addition to playing in the United States, he has often performed in Europe, India and Russia. The saxophonist had led 12
previous CDs including last year’s Foundations which he co-led with trumpeter Curt Ramm and pianist Bill Cunliffe. Beyond his performance
career, Moretti is an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Bassist Marty Ballou and drummer Marty Richards form one of the tightest and most versatile rhythm sections in Rhode Island. Both have been
greatly in-demand during the past 15 years with Ballou’s many associations including The Ritz, John Hammond, Paul Nagel and Roomful Of
Blues while Richards has worked with Rebecca Parris, Mordy Ferber and Myanna among many others. Both have played often with Duke
Robillard, Jimmy Witherspoon, Jay McShann and Dan Moretti.

Despite the mention of Sonny Rollins pioneering the saxophone-led pianoless trio, Tres Muse is a post bop exploration of modern jazz with hints
of other idioms and plenty of creative interplay within this musical democracy. Moretti’s original music on Tres Muse covers a wide variety of
moods and styles. Consider that the first four selections include hints of New Orleans parade rhythms (“Off The One”), the swinging “Cajun The
Squirrel,” electronic tones on “Mumbo Jumbo,” and the infectious “Fais Do-Do.” The ballad “The Wisper” and the purposeful “Invoke” have
prominent roles for Marty Ballou. “Guacamaya” is particularly catchy and joyful with the feel of a calypso. “The Corner” is a bit Monkish in its
melody, “Walk The Talk” features some playful squeals by Moretti that will recall Michael Brecker, and “Ready Set Free” is an abstract but
memorable ballad. Tres Muse closes with “Leelander,” a folk melody that serves as a musical prayer.

Tres Muse, whether being influenced by New Orleans or the Caribbean, folk music or bossa nova, is lively from beginning to end while being full
of improvised surprises and the joy of jazz. Dan Moretti has created his finest recording and his tenor playing throughout the CD makes him a
major force to be reckoned with in the jazz world.


Cynthia Jones has been crowned the winner of the prestigious 2008 Chuck Niles Jazz Singer competition at the Temucula International Jazz
Festival. The late Chuck Niles, a widely beloved disc jockey, was a big fan of jazz singers, bebop and straightahead jazz. He would have loved
the singing of Cynthia Jones.

Based in Los Angeles, Ms. Jones gained experience in the 1990s singing with pop/rock and blues bands. Seven years ago she fell in love with
jazz and has sung jazz and blues ever since with some of Los Angeles’ top musicians. Her sultry and sensuous style, which is particularly
haunting on ballads, is melodic, very expressive yet understated, and thoughtful, bringing to mind Peggy Lee, Diana Krall and June Christy while
offering her own fresh new voice.

The young vocalist recently released her debut jazz recording, Cynthia Jones & The West Coast Nightlights. On a repertoire that includes Bobby
Troup’s “Baby, Baby All The Time,” “Caught A Touch Of Your Love,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Up From The Skies,” “Lyle Lovett’s “I Knew You Knew” and
the jump blues “Snatch & Grab It,” Cynthia Jones turns the diverse selections into a brand of soulful jazz that is full of class, elegance and
heartfelt emotions. The backup group, which includes a fine rhythm section headed by pianist Karen Hammack and guest trumpeter-arranger
Lee Thornberg and saxophonist Tom Peterson, is a perfect match for the delightful singer.

Now that she has won the Chuck Niles Jazz Singer Award and has her new CD out, Cynthia Jones has a limitless future. She stands out among
the current crop of promising young jazz singers, both in her musicality and her maturity, and would be an asset to any jazz or blues festival and

Cynthia Jones is available for interviews. For further information and for review copies of her CD, she can be contacted at -------------