Scott Yanow  Jazz Historian and Journalist
Welcome to my website!
“Next to King Oliver, Scott Yanow is my biggest inspiration among all the cats.” - Louis Armstrong

“When it comes to elucidating about music and its tonalities, Scott is beyond category.” - Duke Ellington

“That m*!@*+ f@#^$! really knows his #@&^%"! I've learned a great deal from that #&*^@()*.”- Miles Davis

“When I was inventing  jazz, Yanow was right there, giving me ideas.” - Jelly Roll Morton

"He taught me how to swing!" - Anita O'Day

“I came to the US for 2 reasons:  to tour with Duke Ellington and to have Scott Yanow autograph his book ‘Swing’ - Django Reinhardt

“Scott Yanow is hep to the jive.” - Cab Calloway
The Latest News:
Last fall, the very fine clarinetist Mort Weiss surprised me by inviting me to be a guest on his record album, Mort Weiss Meets Bill Cunliffe.
On "The Sheik Of Araby," I play clarinet with a quartet also including pianist Bill Cunliffe, bassist Chris Conner and drummer Roy McCurdy.
Talk about starting at the top!
Here is the link (tell me what you think)
  The Sheik Of Araby

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Scott Yanow  Jazz Historian and Journalist
Welcome to my website!
I hope you enjoy my website and visit often.  I've been a jazz journalist and historian for over 30 years and love all eras of jazz and blues.
Ever since 1975, I have covered everything from New Orleans and 1920s jazz to swing, bebop, fusion, Afro-Cuban jazz, the avant-garde
and today's jazz and blues scene.

BIO provides insight into the various projects, magazines and books that I have been involved with and written about.  It also talks
about how I arrived in the jazz world.

I have written 10 books on jazz thus far.  For more information, please click on

The MUSICIAN'S CORNER is geared toward musicians and the wide range of services I offer to jazz and blues instrumentalists and

I live in Los Angeles, CA and write for the
LA JAZZ SCENE, a monthly paper available at jazz venues and record stores in Southern
California. I contribute many CD/DVD reviews along with my Jazz Around Town column. Included are recent reviews and columns since
they are not otherwise available online.  

LINKS give readers a connection to some of the jazz performers who I recommend checking out.

THOUGHTS and FUN IDEAS includes some thoughts and fun ideas!

FESTIVAL REVIEWS are where I have reviews of the Playboy Jazz Festival, The Monterey Jazz Festival and other special events.

FESTIVAL PROGRAM GUIDES provide the musician biographies I have written for the recent program guides of
the San Francisco Jazz Festival and the Playboy Jazz Festival.