Age 15
Jazz caught my ear from the time I was 15. I first heard Dixieland in the Danny Kaye movie The Five
Pennies   and on a daily radio show hosted by the late Benson Curtis. My very first record was The Very
Best Of Al Hirt & Pete Fountain. I discovered Swing when I ran across  Chuck Cecil's Swinging Years on the

At college, roommates thought I had a huge record collection when they saw my 25 Lps, but were dismayed
to find out that it was all dixieland and swing. One day at a used record store, I ran across a $1.99 Charlie Parker LP that, among
other songs, included "White Christmas." I had never heard of "Groovin’ High" or "A Night In Tunisia" but at least I had heard
"White Christmas" somewhere! I played the album two or three times each day for a week. It took about five days for my ears to
be opened and then I became quite  anxious to learn about all eras of jazz. Within two months I was into John Coltrane's 1966
explorations with Pharoah Sanders and Miles Davis' Live/Evil, quite a jump from Pete Fountain. My desire to own and hear
every jazz recording is still my goal.

Accounting Degree
After I graduated college with an accounting degree, rather than get a real job, I became the jazz editor for Record Review, a
now-legendary music magazine that lasted for 44 issues. That experience and its publisher Brian Ashley started me in the jazz
writing business.

Jazz Journalist and Historian
Since then, I have been involved in many projects. Being the Senior Editor for the 3rd edition of the All Music Guide For Jazz
resulted in a countless number of my CD reviews and biographies being utilized throughout the internet including Pandora
Radio.  In addition to having written ten books so far (most recently The Jazz Singers) and writing for the Jazz Heritage Club, I
have written several episodes for the  popular jazz radio series Jim Cullum's Riverwalk - Live At The Landing.  

I have written over 750 liner notes, hundreds of press biographies and press releases, and it has been said that I have reviewed
more jazz recordings than anyone in history.  I have contributed to virtually all of the major jazz magazines including Downbeat,
Jazz Times, Jazziz, Cadence, Coda, The Mississippi Rag, Jazz Forum, Jazz News, The Jazz Report, Planet Jazz, Jazz Now and Jazz
Improv. These days I write regularly for Jazz Inside, Downbeat, Jazziz, Los Angeles Jazz Scene and The Jazz Rag.

In addition, I offer a variety of services for jazz and blues performers. Check out the Musicians' Corner for more information.

I have also written for several jazz festival programs. The biographies and discographies that I wrote for the Playboy Jazz
Festival and the San Francisco Jazz Festival programs can be found at Festival Program Guides.

For the past 20 years Jim Cullum and his jazz band's "Live from he Landing" radio series which is nationally syndicated, has
presented hundreds of programs that focus on vintage jazz with a different topic each week.  I have contributed writing for their
various scripts. A few of these programs include clarinetists Johnny Dodds, trumpeter Henry "Red" Allen and cornetist Red

The "Jazz from the Movies" show focused on my book  Jazz On Film.  It included a lot of fine music from Jim Cullum and his
guests including trumpeter Bob Barnard.  To hear the show, click on this

A fine singer,
Solitaire Miles interviewed me for her Internet radio show. If you'd like to hear me gab with her about various
jazz-related topics, the show can be found at:

The great stride pianist Judy Carmichael interviewed me for her Jazz Inspired radio series. Click this link to hear the show. It is
a good hour-long interview with music.